Wilhelmina Mercy



Wilhelmina Mercy’s debut album, Blue Silk, released June 4th 2021! Blue Silk is a dark, deep, haunting, and moody album that combines indie rock and bedroom pop. Blue Silk bathes in layers of dark ethereal vocals that float over heavy bass and flowing synths and violins. The album laments lost love and mourns the past, but also looks forward towards the future with fiery passion. Lead single, Staring At the Ceiling, features ethereal vocals, harp-like ukulele, and chill synths and drum machines. The song reflects on feelings of emptiness, confusion, and loneliness that may leave one lost, staring at the ceiling.

Wilhelmina Mercy is a solo bedroom pop artist based in Seattle, Washington. Wilhelmina dove into making music and finding their own sound in college when they began studying audio technology. Blue Silk is the culmination of them honing their skills in songwriting, music performance, and production. Their music is recorded at Champion Street Sound Studios in Bellingham, Washington. Similar artists include Bat for Lashes, Shura, and Lana Del Rey.

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